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Permanent Cosmetics (SofTap)

Permanent Makeup is a non-surgical procedure of inserting insouluble opaque pigment into the top layers of the skin for permanent eyebrows,eyeliner, and lipliner.

The SofTap method uses an innovative technique which employs the use of a dispoable, hand-held implement for maximum safety, comfort, and control.This unique system is considered relativley painless by clients and provides a more natural look compared to machine applications.There is no down time with this procedure, at the most you may look like you've been crying and should be able to resume to your regular schedule. I have a warm and cool color palette with a wide range of colors to choose from.


New application: (requires two sessions 4-6 weeks apart.Both sessions included in price)

Eyebrows: $400.00

Eyeliner: $400.00

Lipliner: $400.00

Retouch:( This is a one time session. Most clients like to touchup every year to keep their makeup fresh. Not all clients need yearly touchups.)

Eyebrows: $150.00

Eyeliner: $150.00

LipLiner: $150.00

If you have had your makeup done by someone else pricing would be determined after a consultation.

Please call me today with any questions

Appointments are by request

Lorrie Beamer- 970-381-2550

My office is located at

1711 61st Ave, Unit 102

Greeley, Colorado